Foranto Essential – Ant Arena – Medium

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Introducing the Foranto Essential Ant Arena Medium, your gateway to the fascinating world of ant keeping! This well-crafted glass tank serves as the ideal outworld for your ant setup, providing a dedicated space for your colony to forage, feed, and thrive. Perfect for beginners, the Foranto Essential Ant Arena Medium strikes a harmonious balance between quality and affordability, offering a reliable option for those starting their ant-keeping journey.

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Foranto Essential – Ant Arena – Medium

Dimensions: 30x15x8cm
Glass type: float
Glass thickness: 3mm
Frame/rim included
Glass lid included
Entrance holes: 2 x 10mm
Ventilation hole:
Vent materials: aluminium & stainless steel

Designed with practicality in mind, this arena features a glass rim that doubles as an additional lid. Apply oil, talc powder, or fluon to the rim to prevent any ant escapes, ensuring a secure and contained environment for your miniature companions. Witness the everyday life of your ants as they explore, forage, and create their own unique community within the Foranto Essential Ant Arena. Invest in a quality product that enhances your ant-keeping experience without breaking the bank – explore the world of ant-keeping with Foranto! The ant arena/outworld is an essential part of any ant set. This tank can be also successfully used for breeding other invertebrates like scorpions, true bugs, isopods etc.

Additional information

Package weight 1 kg
Package size 20 × 20 × 15 cm
Optional Decor Set

Arena only, Arena + Black Desert Decor Set, Arena + Desert Decor Set, Arena + Bazalt Decor Set, Arena + Red Desert Decot Set, Arena + Lava Decor Set


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