Foranto Ant Arena – Large

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Thanks to the use of high-quality glass and precise cut, the Foranto arenas look very elegant. The use of a glass rim in combination with oil, fluon or talcum powder prevents escapes and preserves the aesthetics of the tank. 50mm ventilation helps maintain proper air circulation inside the arena. Additionally, each Foranto arena has a wooden decorative element that adds extra character and integrity to the whole set.

An optional decorative set is matched to the size of the arena and contains all elements presented in the picture: sand/gravel, stones, and wood/root pieces.

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Due to the fact that our products are handmade, the nest you will receive may vary from the ones displayed in the picture.

WARNING: we do not send ANTS to every country due to legal regulations, if You are not sure about regulations in Your country please contact us before You place an order!

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Foranto Ant Arena Large

Dimensions: 30x30x15cm
Glass type: float
Glass thickness: 4mm
Frame/rim width: 3cm
Glass lid dimensions: 30x30cm
Entrance holes: 2 x 10mm
Ventilation holes:
2 x 50mm
Vent materials: aluminium & stainless steel

The ant arena/outworld is an essential part of any ant set. It is a kind of outside world when they leave the nest. It gives ants the possibility of foraging, taking care of physiological needs, throwing out garbage or dead workers. Thanks to the arena, the breeder gains space to provide food, water or nectar for the ants. The arena is also a great place to observe the daily behavior of ants.
This tank can be also successfully used for breeding other invertebrates like scorpions, true bugs, isopods etc.

The wooden element on the lid may differ from the one shown in the photo, in terms of the type of wood and color. When buying the arena itself, we will choose it randomly. If you buy the arena in a set with a nest, we will try to use the same type of wood or a similar color. Let us know if you would like to choose a specific type of wood.


Additional information

Package weight 3 kg
Package size 40 × 40 × 30 cm
Optional Decor Set

Arena Only, Arena + Black Desert Decor Set, Arena + Desert Decor Set, Arena + Bazalt Decor Set, Arena + Red Desert Decor Set, Arena + Lava Decor Set


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