About us

About Foranto Unique wooden nests

Foranto is a small, family-run manufacture from Łódź in Poland, founded in 2019 by a father and son. We combined our fascination with the world of ants and nature with our passion for wood and woodworking. We create globally unique wooden nests designed for ant keeping.

Due to their high aesthetic and artistic value, our products are very popular both in Poland and around the world! We use only the highest quality hardwoods and natural linseed oil for finishing.

our Mission

Foranto takes ant keeping to the next level with its top-quality, unique products. Ant keeping is not only interesting and exciting, but also beautiful and exclusive.

With Foranto, ant keeping becomes a prestigious hobby as well as an original, intriguing and beautiful element of interior design.
Foranto is a premium brand.

our Vision

We want to be a leader in the production and sale of unique wooden premium ant nests and accessories.

We want the Foranto brand to stand for products of the highest quality with attention to the tiniest details, starting with the products themselves throughout the entire sales process – packaging, support, store, etc.

Foranto brand wants to symbolize love and respect for nature, life and the planet.

We want working for Foranto to be exciting, because Foranto is a prestigious brand that produces and sells works of art.

The items produced by Foranto should be premium items – to offer unique experiences and pleasures, to carry prestige and social standing.

Foranto stands for high quality design, and we want the products bearing this brand to be appreciated as works of applied art.