Camponotus Japonicus Ants

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Camponotus japonicus commonly known as Japanese Carpenter Ant is a big black ant (16-17mm) inhabits a wide area in eastern Asia including Japan, Korea, the Philippines, China, Pakistan, Mongolia.
The workers are divided into three castes based on their size which varies from 6 to 15 millimeters. They are a fast species when disturbed or attacked and will spray formic acid. Its glossy black appearance makes it quite a visually striking genre. This species is very hardy and relatively slow growing species, suitable for beginners.


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Species: Camponotus japonicus
Size: queen: 17-18 mm, workers: 6–15 mm
Polymorphism: yes, very visible minor, media and major workers
Coloration: shiny black
Distribution: Eastern Asia: Japan, Mongolia, Korea, China, Pakistan
Habitat: open habitats
Nutrition: sunburst nectar, honey, insects, e.g. fruit flies, mealworms, crickets, roaches, etc.
Hibernation: no, but diapause is possible
Temperature: 24 ° C – 28 ° C
Nesting: soil
Difficulty: easy

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