Foranto Complementary Set (No Nest)

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Foranto Complementary Set is a ready-made solution for people who already have a nest or would like to choose a specific one from our offer! The set contains arena, ants and accessories – everything you need to add to Your own nest. Choose Your favourite decor set and ant species and enjoy Your ant keeping!
Check out our rich offer and choose the nest you dream about.

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Due to the fact that our products are handmade, the nest you will receive may vary from the ones displayed in the picture.

WARNING: we do not send ANTS to every country due to legal regulations, if You are not sure about regulations in Your country please contact us before You place an order!

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Foranto Complementary Set (No Nest)

In order to meet your expectations, we have created complementary set for people who already have a nest or would like to choose a nest from our offer by themselves. The set consists of 15 carefully selected and easy to assemble elements.

The kit includes:
– colony of ants – species to choose from (You can choose “no ants” as well)
– small glass arena, 15x15x10cm, 2 entrance holes 10mm and 50mm ventilation
– one type of decorative set to choose from: desert, bazalt, red desert, lava
– three sided wooden tee, 4,5×4,5cm, 3x10mm holes
– vinyl tube for all connections in Your setup: 1m
– anatomical tweezers: 20cm
– entomological tweezers: 12cm
– ByFormica Sunburst Ant Nectar 60ml
– ByFormica Liquid Feeder: 3ml
– ByFormica Liquid Feeder: 1ml
– Glass test tube: 16x100mm
– Glass test tube: 16x160mm
– Fluon 10ml – liquid against the escape of ants

Additional information

Choose Your Ants

No ants, Camponotus fedtschenkoi 1Q+1/5w, Camponotus cruentatus 1Q+1/5w, Camponotus sanctus 1Q+1/5w, Camponotus ligniperda 1Q+1/5w, Camponotus nicobarensis 1Q+1/5w

Choose Your Decor

Desert Decor Set, Bazalt Decor Set, Red Desert Decor Set, Lava Decor Set


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