Camponotus Irritans Ants

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Camponotus irritans is a common Asian species, with a lot of subspecies. They live in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra, Myanmar, India. The queen is quite small, but polymorphism is  very noticeable with impressive majors with black heads and goldish-yellow body. The workers are fast thanks to their long legs. It is a pretty aggressive species using formic acid and strong mandibles for defence. Active mostly at night.


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Species: Camponotus irritans
Size: queen: 12-15 mm, workers: 8–13 mm
Polymorphism: yes
Coloration: queen: black and yellow; workers: orange-yellow
Distribution: Indo-Australian region: Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Myanmar, Thailand, India
Nutrition: sunburst nectar, honey, insects, e.g. fruit flies, mealworms, crickets, roaches, etc.
Hibernation: no
Temperature: 25° C – 28 ° C
Nesting in nature: soil, under stones, wood or bamboo
Difficulty: easy

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Package weight 0,2 kg
Package size 20 × 15 × 5 cm
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Q with brood, Q with 1-5 workers


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