Have You ever dreamed about ideal nest? We are here to help You – we love to fulfill individual orders, although almost every one is quite a challenge. We can make a nest from various types of wood, dimensions and shapes, we can add some wooden dowels, heating cable row, hydrations sytem, red plexi cover or even different color of screws! Let us know what is the idea and we will prepare an offer for You.

1. Type of wood

If you have a dream type of wood you would like us to make your nest out of – tell us about it. We have access to many species, both European and from other continents. Depending on the availability of a particular species, the period of waiting for the nest may vary.
Please note that not all types of wood can be used with every nest shape.

2. Dimensions and shape

If you have not found a nest in our store that suits your needs, or maybe you need a special shape that e.g. fits your desk or shelf space, you can design your nest yourself and we will try to meet your requirements

3. Groove for heating cable

One of the options is the possibility of milling out a groove for the heating cable, so that you can ensure the right temperature for your pets while maintaining the aesthetics of the nest. Remember to always ask about this possibility when ordering a specific size/shape of the nest (it will not always be possible)

4. Color of the screws used

You can choose a different color of screws than the ones we install as standard. You can choose between elegant black and more subdued golden yellow.

5. Red plexi cover

One of the additional options can be a red plexiglass that covers the nest leaving the possibility of observation and at the same time giving more comfort to the ants.

6. Beech wood dowels

By installing additional wooden dowels we limit or enlarge the ants’ living space in the nest. In this way, you can order a larger nest and enlarge the space for the ants as the colony grows.

7. The hydration system

The water reservoir, through gravitational evaporation, increases the air humidity in the nest, thanks to which the nest can be inhabited by slightly more moisture-demanding species. At the same time, the use of such a solution means that the wood does not have direct contact with water, which is crucial in the case of wooden nests

8. Your idea

If you have an original idea, project, vision and it is something that is not listed above – please write! If only it is technically possible, we will gladly take up the challenge.

Please note that all the individual orders are processed after prior prepayment. The implementation time depends on the complexity of the project and the availability of materials and can take from 2 weeks to 2 months.