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The wood used to create small nests for ants comes from species such as ash, oak, beech, hornbeam, robinia, walnut, apple, cherry or pear, which are seen in Poland, as well as exotic species, i.e. meranti, paduk, iroko, azobe, olive or almond tree.

Each of our nests is protected with natural linseed oil, which is a great substitute for inorganic protectants. We do our best to protect nature, so most of the small nests are made from leftover material from larger ones. We believe that by acting responsibly, we are able to change the world for the better.

Small is beautiful – Foranto nests for ants

Foranto's small ant nests are one of a kind. They can take different shapes, have one or many chambers, be signed with our logo or, on the contrary, have a smooth structure at the customer's request. They cannot be compared to any other such products, as they are created with passion, and there are no substitutes for them.

Most of the S-size ant nests are made from materials left over from orders for larger nests. The idea of zero waste is extremely close to us, so we try to respect its principles. We have great respect for wood, which is the foundation of Foranto workshop's operation. Every piece is extremely valuable to us, so if we don't have an idea for its use at the moment, we leave it for later.

Small wooden ant nests will blend into the decor of any interior, regardless of the dominant style. They will enliven them, bringing a touch of nature into the house. They won't take up much space, so they can be a decoration for a desk or dresser. They will work great wherever no other home furnishing accessories can fit. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to larger nests, so they will allow you to see if such a hobby will suit you.

For the love of nature – wooden nests for ants in a mini version

Foranto is a brand that works in harmony with nature. We are close observers of it, respecting the rules it follows. We are also proud to say that we are eco, as we protect all our nests with natural linseed oil so as not to pollute the environment. Our ant nests are characterized by the fact that even if they are returned to nature in a while, they will decompose quickly and naturally.

S-size nests are especially recommended for people who are just beginning their adventure with ant breeding. Observing a small colony, after just a few days you can understand what laws apply in the world of these industrious creatures. It is also a convenient solution for those who, due to the size, cannot afford a larger nest.

Nests in the mini version are perfect for breeding ants of such species as Crematogaster scutellaris, Dolichoderus quadripunctatus, Lasius fuliginosus and Temnothorax sp. The last mentioned reach a maximum of 500 workers, inhabiting decayed sticks or nuts. Thanks to their small size, the entire colony can fit into an acorn! So our small nests will be a luxurious apartment for them.