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The wood we use in the Foranto workshop must be free of pests, have an interesting grain and intense color. We source it from local carpenters and wood stores, and partially harvest it ourselves. We protect each piece with linseed oil and interfere as little as possible with its shape. We trust nature and our experience, which translates into making products with soul.

Not too big, not too small – medium ant nests

Medium ant nests are distinguished by their precision manufacturing, interesting shapes and a large number of tunnels. They will work well for people who already have experience in ant breeding and want to try something new, as well as for antkeeping beginners who want to provide their colony with perfect conditions from day one. They will also be a great alternative to factory-made nests made of plastic.

Due to the relatively small size of medium-sized ant nests, you can overwinter a colony in them that requires it. Simply place the entire nest in the refrigerator. The temperature should be constant at about 5-7 °C. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the nest will be fine and in the spring you will be able to enjoy it again on your desk or shelf.

The undoubted advantage of medium ant nests is also their price. It is not too high, because we treat our customers with respect, matching prices with real calculations of the time spent and materials used. If any nest has a defect, we also take this into account in the description on the site.

Balance in the nature = balance in the Foranto workshop

As we have mentioned many times before, wildlife protection aspects are very important to us. It is nature that sets the rhythm of our workshop and drives us to action. We carefully observe the changes it undergoes and know that we cannot afford any mistakes. Accordingly, we produce medium ant nests responsibly, giving the leftover materials a second life in the form of shavings that can be used as firewood or for topping ornamental trees and shrubs. We also make small carpentry tools out of wooden leftovers from medium-sized nests.

M-size ant nests are signed with our logo, but we may not include it at the customer's request. Since we use natural ingredients to preserve the nests, they are 100% safe for both ants and humans. We care about balance, by which we mean a situation where by taking, we give something from ourselves. Therefore, if the opportunity arises, we are happy to support any initiative to protect the environment.

Species of ants that will thrive in Foranto's medium-sized nests include: Camponotus singularis, Camponotus cruentatus, Camponotus herculeanus, Camponotus turkestanus. Camponotus vagus, Camponotus fallax, Camponotus sylvaticus, Camponotus maculatus, Camponotus habereri and Camponotus irritans.