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We create our ant nests from native wood species such as oak, beech, ash, hornbeam, Robinia, walnut, pear, apple and cherry, as well as from species not found in Poland, such as padauk, iroko, meranti, azobe, olive or almond wood.

Taking care of our planet and the future inhabitants of our nests, we do not use any harmful materials to finish them. Each product is protected with natural linseed oil.


Unique in the world – Foranto wooden ant nests

Our passion for wood and processing fosters a patient and respectful process of fine-tuning every detail. We use hand tools and classic woodworking techniques, which ensure the highest quality of workmanship and freedom in the design process.

Thanks to that, our ant nests can be described as peculiar works of art. The final result of our work is an elegant and unique product that, apart from being functional, can successfully become a decoration for many interiors.

The nests we present are unique on a global scale. There is a primal element of nature hidden in hand-made wooden items, and their carved shapes – an extremely elegant style. 

Wooden ant nests until recently, rarely found in antkeeping – now are becoming more and more popular. One of the elements of Foranto's mission as a world leader in the production of wooden ant nests is the desire to promote this unique fascination. Due to the properties of the material itself, aesthetic values and the indispensable relationship with nature.

Foranto in harmony with nature

Wood nests are friendly not only to ants but also to the environment. Nature is our greatest inspiration, so we treat it with respect. There is no waste of materials in Foranto. When we create larger nests, we design them so that the remaining material can be used to make a small ant nest. 

At Foranto, we are confident in the quality of our work and our products. Every nest that leaves the workshop is very carefully checked before it reaches the store. From time to time, we make a mistake and create a nest with a slight drawback, which we are not afraid to talk about openly. We offer these nests at a lower price.

We care and worry about our planet, which is why we use all materials to the end. Our products may therefore be slightly different in size. However, we believe that it adds charm to them and makes every nest that comes out of the Foranto workshop unique.